What Can I Do this day to make my life more meaningful, to show others that I really Care for them & to learn more about this Beautiful world in Which i Live

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March 12, 2012  |  Posted by Shankar Narayan  

I am Shankar Narayan an Electronics Engineer, Graduated from MIT, Manipal, Karnataka state, India.  After completion of Engineering I joined a prestigious organisation. During the course of my past experience during my studies and  also with people, I  came across many hurdles, successes, failures, sweetness, bitterness, bitter-sweet, and so much ... I really  learned a lot  in my past stretch of life which I thought of disseminating through my web site so that others can also get benefit out of it.
Presently I am staying in Nasik, Maharashtra.  A place where I would like to keep staying.... a place where you all positioned me!

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The Objective

I would like to meet the needs of people belonging to all age groups by providing information/ knowledge through my website ...............................&  for that i need your valuable suggestions , so that i can incorporate it in the future

What you get from my site...

Parenting, Baby names, bringing up children, how to live with life, how to lead a happy life...
For the children: How to behave, how to study, how to get the best out of situation, how to become a good student how to prepare for exams, how to write exams, writing resumes, covering letter,how to attend an interview . . .
How to work in an Industry , Empathy, conflict management, communication skills, presentation skills, how to unlearn the thing before learning, teaching skills, how to develop soft skills, learn to know about Lean Management, Knowledge management, TWI ( Training Within Industry), Change management, Management Strategies, Time Management, etc...

Presentations on various topics in pdf  format : Presentations on soft skills, hard skills, Management, Lean techniques, Six sigma, Customer relationship management, Product life cycle management, Personality Development, Presentation skills, sample speeches, Computer Basics, .etc

Health in your control: Knowledge about medicines and various treatments. Diseases and their symptoms and Remedy. Diet, various health charts....

Useful Links for Daily Use: Links for Air ticket, Indian Railways, Long Distance buses booking. Online mobile recharge/ Top ups, DTH Recharge, Broad band, Net connect Data card Recharge direct Links.  Online weather reports,  Holiday Trips, Places, Hotels, Online News papers and magazine( all languages). Hospital and doctor data base, Links to job searching sites, Results, links to Grievance related sites, Embassy help line, Telephone directory, STD/ISD codes and many more....

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Do you Know!


Hi, Its me! Do you know that we are very lucky to live in this world? And according to me luckiest persons are those who finds ( Derives) happiness in everything / whatever they  get.  Of-course, no doubt We live in this world to enjoy its beauty and to  live happily   and it is a gift given by God to all of Us.  So Learn to use it properly and to the maximum extent . . . Remember its our turn to live a life. . . .


Shankar Narayan


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