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My Education... Lots of ups and Downs...

I started my education in a small village with a moody and frightened mind , as I was bought up in an environment where lots of restrictions were there.  I too become like a frog in the well. I was not having  the experiences of out side world... was a "dump nut". I always used to feel inferior to other students. I never got the mood to study. I was an average student in my initial school days but went below average later! Some how Managed to clear  my 10th std. Took admission in a reputed college (MG College, Trivandrum)for doing my pre-degree course. As my marks were too poor, I could get admission only  for III group       (commerce) , but to  my luck and with my fathers timely support, I could manage to get admission in Ist group (science). But there was no improvement in my studies and finally the disaster came as a result. I failed in my 12th , because of my language- Malayalam Paper.! That was the first big shock in my life. My 1st step in learning started at that time.  I lost that year because of Malayalam subject. So I decided to change the way of studying.  I really started some kind of "study" at that point of time and it was a "big thing" for me. I also decided to improve my marks in science subjects and finally  I applied for  improvement for my science papers. And during this re-examination I did quite well more than my expectations for the first time. The results were fairly good. I got 71% marks! , first time in my life and which I couldn't believe. A slight change in my way of study has bought this tremendous change in me. I thought I have become an Engineer at that point of time. I felt proud of me... thinking that virtual personality of an engineer. I applied for Engineering admission in all the Engineering colleges in India.. I went for entrance test for MNREC, Allahabad college and other colleges. But to my surprise, all my attempts went in vain!. I didn't get admission in any of the engineering colleges in INDIA. So I went and took admission for BSc (Mathematics as main subject with statistics as subsidiary subject) in University college against my wishes of becoming an engineer. But I didn't loose hope, I kept on trying for Engineering every year in BSc and this put me back in the same square like in the earlier days of my studies... yes a dumb nut.. not doing any studies. after 3 years of my BSc from University college , Trivandrum,  finally I got my friend ( Mr. Hari Kumar P.C) who was doing Engineering in MIT Manipal. He is the person who guided me to get my admission in BE (E&C) in MIT,  Manipal. I joined MIT  and my dream of becoming an engineer blossomed. BE was a  five year course at that time. My first year of BE was very hard with lots of ups and downs, amalgamated with ragging by my seniors. Even though I wished to study well, I couldn't. Ist semester exam time... not much I could study or do. And that was my tough period, I remember. I used to make time table and post pone my studies till the previous day of the exam as usual. My first exam was Engineering mathematics. Was trying to make my way in the previous night, but to my surprise, the news came stating that Mathematics Question paper is leaked and immediately the leaked question paper was circulated. Everybody was on their toes in preparing  for the Exam with the leaked question paper. it was really a nightmare , which changed me and my life. When the question paper was distributed in the Exam hall, every one in the hall really went down, we realized the leaked question paper was a fake question paper!. Most of them left the exam hall not attempting the exam. But I, with my previous experience of "writing exam with out learning" which I gained in my school days (when I was a below average student) decided to give the exam and some how did some thing for a minimum pass. And I came back from exam hall, took a shower and decided to study hard and seriously for the other following exams. And my Turning point in my Life at last came in front of me. I did my studies the way I wanted in that short duration of time. And I did well to my satisfaction level in all my remaining exams. I really changed my method and way of studying with full of dedication and devotion. And the results came and I passed in Mathematics  with 35% marks and remaining subjects i got exceptionally good marks. My Average marks once again touched that 71.1% mark. Then I decided to continue that way of studying and I really did that. I topped my class in my second rank position and continued that position till my 9th semester. My marks went on increasing  semester by semester and in my finals I touched my 83% mark. I got my position as first rank in my college, MIT, Manipal and I got Second Rank in the University of Mysore. I Became an Electronics Engineer at last with degree BE (E&C). A dream come true!

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Hi, Its me! Do you know that we are very lucky to live in this world? And according to me luckiest persons are those who finds ( Derives) happiness in everything / whatever they  get.  Of-course, no doubt We live in this world to enjoy its beauty and to  live happily   and it is a gift given by God to all of Us.  So Learn to use it properly and to the maximum extent . . . Remember its our turn to live a life. . . .


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