The Story of My life...
I always consider as I am the Luckiest Person to Live in this Beautiful World

The Story of My Life. . .

My Dear Ones, Thank you for giving me lots of Love , affection , support, guidance and the help extended to me ..... in living this small beautiful life of mine... I exist because of you.... 

It is really Great to live in this beautiful world ... and it is you who made it beautiful... Thank you very much for all the Love and Affection . . .

Thank you my friends for giving me the strength , happiness and keeping me as one among you...

In my 3 year


My parents hails from Tamil Nadu and  I was born and bought up in a small village in Kerala up to Std. IV of my schooling. I speak Tamil and Malayalam at home then. I still remember my first nursery school which was on top of a hill kind of thing, with more than 100 children and one madam and one assistant.  As a student, I was an odd man out in my class as well as at home. I never felt comfortable when I am with a crowd and I was a shy type of person. The school in which I commenced my learning, I remember is a shed  made out of weaved coconut palm trees leafs as roof  with Bamboo support pillars  and tarred bamboo mats as partition. Tarring is done to avoid the attack of white ants, I remember. The class rooms were having only one old wooden table and caned chair for the teacher and we were sitting on the floor which was rough  a surface that  created scar marks  on each every students ankle bones on the feet.  (caused due to rubbing of that portion of feet on the floor).  Only one or two text books printed  with big colorful letters and pictures and a writing slate with slate writing pencils, some slate wiping media, which included some typical plant leaves , everything in a  in a small bag made of cloth. Exams too were conducted on slate only, and the teacher does the valuation on slate and writes the mark using white choke piece. I still remember , the way I use to hold the slate with good marks .... My father was an advocate and mother house wife.. after my 4th Std. in village , we shifted our house in a City.  I joined one of the prestigious schools of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, the Govt. Model high school . It was a tough time for me to enter in to city style of living. But I kept cool... at least to show the world. I used to be lonely always and wished for appreciation from people for nothing! I wanted love and affection from everybody, which I never got. But this has taught me the secret of life, how to live happily with what you get!. And that learning is great and I thank God for giving me that gift. V th std. onwards i was doing my education in that City school.. great change for me.. everything was new to me. The school building, which was originally built by the British was amazing!


My City School... Govt. Model high School , Trivandrum, Kerala

That school was quite huge with brick walls of thickness around 2 feet! separating the class rooms. I was admitted to the V th. Std. Division 'G'. It was an English medium school. Everybody talks in English there! and this was irritating me. I was not knowing the basic of English Language and because of this inability in me I was hating the places where people speak English. The thought of understanding and speaking English was a nightmare for me. I was again isolated too much for this reason.  At home too everybody makes fun of me because I was deprived of speaking English and that time with great difficulty I speak only two words "Yes" or "No"  for anything told to me. I was not good at any subject and always I get the cane beatings from my teachers. Oh! I still remember that John sir with thick frightening moustache! He was my Mathematics teacher in Vth Std. Once he made me stand on his table and beaten me on my thighs with cane stick for not answering square root of 169!. That wounds took more than a month to cure completely . But I have never told all these happenings to any one. , only my students know it. As I was a back bencher, students too took it as a regular event. But it had hurt me a lot that time for the reason that  I always wanted to be on top and wanted appreciation for everything, which I could not achieve. Mentally also I was too tired of all these. And because I am a back bencher, I was treated like a unwanted student. I lost my touch of learning.. no motivation from any one... I continued my living like a scalar quantity. This resulted in my fall in Vth Std. And that was the first failure i faced officially in my career. And the first day of the next year, I remember, all my friends were going in a que to occupy their seats in the VIth std. Division "G". And I was the only person left out in Vth G. And newly promoted students from IVth Std. came in to my class and as there was exactly 40 seats in a class, I was again humiliated taken out and was made to stand outside the class room door. And finally I was adjusted in one of the benches in the back row. All the students were looking at me with their round glittering dreadful eyes, thinking that am a trouble creator for them. But I told them my story and slowly they accepted me and many times they offered me to sit in their benches ahead of me, which I never occupied. I slowly became their best friend and they loved me and at times I used go for fight to protect them in dangerous situations with my seniors.  And finally I got some kind of grip which was required to pass an exam.  In my Seventh Standard , I still remember the way I learnt " The principle of Archimedes", it was a great Joke!  But I still remember and tell  it like a parrot. I  some how completed my further schooling with out any failure with minimum marks required for a pass.

And I would like to mention here, In my VI th std. I came to know little about human beings. During my school days the first poem I understood was " The swing " by Robert Louis Stevenson, and poems like  "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth, "The Full Fathom Five" and "Sonnet 66" by William Shakespeare and " Lochinvar" by Sir Walter Scott inspired me. And few more.. but I don't remember the title and author .. but the characters I remember Nancy and his lover Alen. The lonely character of Alen really inspired me a lot.

The things I used get afraid of in my school days - The Police and people who wear khaki uniform!. The food I liked most is sabji that is made out of kaccha jack fruit (chakka curry). The people whom I like most was the poor people and people who loved me. I always wanted appreciation - but I never got! I dreamt of many things but all my dreams went in vain. But one Good Quality was there in me from my childhood... when ever I used to get of feel some thing good, I always wished the same for every one.

After my 10th Std. I joined my Pre-Degree course .... ..


My pre university college, MG College Trivandrum (11th &12th)

I had struggle in getting admission in Pre- Degree Course as my 10th marks were too poor. I tried in all the colleges to enter in Physics Chemistry Math Stream, but all my attempts went in vain! . I still remember the day my father accompanied me to fetch admission  for my Pre-degree course in Mahatma Gandhi college, Trivandrum. Finally I could somehow enter in Economics Stream! , which I never wanted... Even though my marks were very less in 10th, my ambition to enter into science stream were still alive. Luckily there were some vacancies came as a surprise in Science stream as some of the selected students did not join. And finally I  shifted from economics to  science stream , and that was one of the turning point in my life. My father as usual brought all new books for me... all big big books .. I still remember those hard bound cute Physics book in Part I and II and the hard bound Chemistry Book. But my way of studies , my attitude did not change. I used to move with students who are of the same nature like me and even worst. I used to go for fight with others! Used to participate in student agitation/ strike! And my group was really a disturbance to others! ...... and all this  bought me failure during my Pre- Degree. I know I was a not a bad student, may be better than others... but all these happened because of my thirst  for appreciation from others and my inferiority complex. It is right to mention here that one of the famous film actor (super hero) of the South studied with me in this college.


The college where I did BSc (Mathematics)

After my passing of Pre-Degree with great struggle and failure, I tried for admission in Engineering colleges and that time only three or four colleges were there in Kerala . Could not get admission in any of the colleges even for the worst branch at that time! I tried for my admission all over India. I attempted the entrance test of Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering college, Allahabad. Test was conducted in Guindy Engineering college , Chennai. I tried in college of engineering, Delhi,  REC Trichy, Kurushetra... Every where!........But I couldn't get an entry in any of the colleges. Finally I decided to join BSc ( Mathematics) in University college Trivandrum. Physics and Statistics was my subsidiary subject... But my aim to join an engineering college was still alive. I didnt pay much attention during my BSc. I spent time with my friends in Indian Coffee  House which was nearby and some times spent time in British Council library and even I used to go to nearby Kovalam Beech to have time pass. That time one of My friend from my Batch got admission in MIT, Manipal.  Mr. PC Hari Kumar joined the BE ( Mechanical) stream in Manipal from my college and he is the person who bought the second major change in my life. He gave me all the details to get an admission in MIT, Manipal, sponsorship, etc.. And Finally I reached the first Mile stone in my life with a great support from my parents.. that is entering in an Engineering college.  To continue....


My favorite coffee house .. where I used to spent maximum time during BSc

My Time pass KOVALAM Beach during BSc

My Few Favorite songs at that time: " Man poove.....  nan machanin pachaikili ( Tamil) , nan unnai ninachen... (Tamil),  Oru poove duthu vaikkanam pinnale (Tamil) , Manjanikombil.(Malayalam). Body to body (English), Top of the world (english) , Honey honey (english), Bachelor Boy (english) , Que Sera Sera ( english), Those were the days my friend..(english) , Jeevan ki bagiya (Hindi), Har kisi ko nahi milta ( Hindi), Pyar Karne wale Kabhi darte nahi(Hindi), Kora ka gazta (hindi), Meina bhulunga... (Hindi), Pop Corn Music... etc

Movies: Manjil Virincha pookal (Malayalam), Ek duje keliyea (Hindi), Love story ( Hindi), Hero (Hindi) 

Favorite TV advertisement : Vicks coughs drops, and Lakme (in my finger tips song)

Favorite TV seriel : Ye jo he zindagi 

I joined MIT, Manipal for doing my BE ( Electronics & Communication) Engineering with lots of vivid hopes to become an engineer. Even though I tried my level best to concentrate in the classes, I couldn't.  Also fear of ragging was haunting me every time. The ragging was very severe at that time and I really experienced the worst part of it!. But I gained lots of courage because of my dearest friend "Panchu Arunachalam" with out his support I would not have reached here. I thank him for every thing he did to me the love and affection and I am still indebted to him and for all the years to come. I did my Engineering because of him.  And I am still in need of his help, when in trouble... I remember him always. My first semester of 10 semester BE transformed me totally with the support of him. You are great Panchu!


My Engineering College.. MIT, Manipal

The Change which I got that time was a miracle in my life! As I always used to do.. when ever some thing good happens to me.. I always wish the same to happen to every one. I kept telling how I got changed to others. I tried to convince others , but still now I don't have any words to express it. But I really want that kind of change to happen in every ones life. That change in  life style, gave me lots of happiness in me. I always used to get best out of everything, with out much effort. And this change and with the support of my friend P. Arunachalam (P. A),  I stood second in my class. Great!!! for the first time in my life!!! I never expected.. nor my house. No body believed! Even I couldn't. I changed the way of studying, the way of answering the questions... an ocean of change in me!. I am really Proud of you P. A. I stood always  Second or third  in my class. I finally completed successfully my BE with more than 83% marks and stood Second rank in the University of Mysore and First  Rank in my college, MIT, Manipal. I have never failed in any of the papers in my BE, and I maintained always 70% and above in all the 10 semesters. And again because of the support and guidance of my friend, I started searching for jobs and I got a very good Job too. Friends have played a very good role in my life.. and because of them only , today I am in a very good place and Position , which I never expected...

I have got now long experience of working on aircraft... various systems, both mechanical and avionics... lean management, Knowledge management, TWI (Training within Industry) techniques...  .. learned lot about human relations and behavior by actual experience.... I am a trainer now... I am very proud to say this... Yes I am a trainer...

But where ever I go.. what ever I do... I will only look for the growth of my organization and  and do my level best to give my best... back to my great organization which bought me at this level. No set back will be there for me.. I am sure of this. I am determined to  bring in positive change in people and students  who ever comes in contact with me in my remaining part of life.

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You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of Love and Affection and the moments people did things to you in the spirit of Love and affection... Its Great!

My own Video

My Flight in a L- 23 Sail Plane....  Great experience!!!

The LET L-23 Super Blaník is a two-seat glider of all-metal structure. The aircraft is primarily used for flight training. The L 23 is an all-metal, two-seat, self-supporting, high-winged glider. Due to its all-metal construction, the glider is guaranteed a service life of 6,000 hours assuming that mostly ground-launching is used. With mainly aero towing used in North America, the service life may be extended to well over 10,000 hours. The L 23 has been approved for all stages of flight training from basic to advanced cross-country, aerobatic, stunt, and instrument flying.


Technical Data / Performance

Wing span 53.1 ft, with optional wing tip extensions 59.7 ft
Length 27.9 ft
Height 6.2 ft
Wing area 206.1 sft, with wing extensions 215.3 sft
Empty weight 683.5 lbs
Max. weight 1168 lbs
Never exceed speed 124 kts
Rough air speed 81 kts
Aero tow speed max. 81 kts
Winch speed max. 65 kts
Stall speed at max. weight 32 kts, with wing extensions 29 kts
G-limits with 2 pilots +5.3/-2.65
G-limits with 1 pilot +6.0/-3.0
Max. glide ratio 2 pilots 28:1 at 49 kts, 1 pilot 28:1 at 43 kts
Max glide ratio with extensions 2 pilots 32:1 at 49 kts, 1 pilot 32:1 at 43 kts
Min. rate of sink 160 fpm at 37 kts

National origin Czechoslovakia

Manufacturer Let Kunovice First flight 1988

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Do you Know!


Hi, Its me! Do you know that we are very lucky to live in this world? And according to me luckiest persons are those who finds ( Derives) happiness in everything / whatever they  get.  Of-course, no doubt We live in this world to enjoy its beauty and to  live happily   and it is a gift given by God to all of Us.  So Learn to use it properly and to the maximum extent . . . Remember its our turn to live a life. . . .


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