My Flight in L-23...
This is my First experiance in Life... in a sail plane.. Great! feeling!

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When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Thank you my friends for giving me the strength , happiness and keeping me as one among you...

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My Flight in a L- 23 Sail Plane....  Great experience!!!

The LET L-23 Super Blaník is a two-seat glider of all-metal structure. The aircraft is primarily used for flight training.The L 23 is an all-metal, two-seat, self-supporting, high-winged glider. Due to its all-metal construction, the glider is guaranteed a service life of 6,000 hours assuming that mostly ground-launching is used. With mainly aero towing used in North America, the service life may be extended to well over 10,000 hours. The L 23 has been approved for all stages of flight training from basic to advanced cross-country, aerobatic, stunt, and instrument flying.


Technical Data / Performance

Wing span 53.1 ft, with optional wing tip extensions 59.7 ft
Length 27.9 ft
Height 6.2 ft
Wing area 206.1 sft, with wing extensions 215.3 sft
Empty weight 683.5 lbs
Max. weight 1168 lbs
Never exceed speed 124 kts
Rough air speed 81 kts
Aero tow speed max. 81 kts
Winch speed max. 65 kts
Stall speed at max. weight 32 kts, with wing extensions 29 kts
G-limits with 2 pilots +5.3/-2.65
G-limits with 1 pilot +6.0/-3.0
Max. glide ratio 2 pilots 28:1 at 49 kts, 1 pilot 28:1 at 43 kts
Max glide ratio with extensions 2 pilots 32:1 at 49 kts, 1 pilot 32:1 at 43 kts
Min. rate of sink 160 fpm at 37 kts

National origin Czechoslovakia

Manufacturer Let Kunovice First flight 1988

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Hi, Its me! Do you know that we are very lucky to live in this world? And according to me luckiest persons are those who finds ( Derives) happiness in everything / whatever they  get.  Of-course, no doubt We live in this world to enjoy its beauty and to  live happily   and it is a gift given by God to all of Us.  So Learn to use it properly and to the maximum extent . . . Remember its our turn to live a life. . . .


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