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July 19  |  Posted by Shankar Narayan  

This page will bring out and demonstrate  to the viewers the talents of the young ones

Miss Subhashree Iyer...

      Miss Subhashree Iyer, She is a class XII student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Ojhar, Nasik. She is the daughter of Mrs Gowri S Iyer and Mr Subramania Iyer. She is basically planning to be an engineer and interested in computer. But this is not all she has  to her credit, she is very much indulged in arts and to add to this she is a budding poet and novelist. She has got 48 poems written so far and a novel which is being published as a serial story in a children’s magazine “Gokulam-Celebrating Childhood” by Kalki Group. This serial story had its first issue published in July 2015 for a year.

     She has set her hand not only in writing but also handicrafts. She enjoys making paper quelling jewelry and also design dresses. She is interested in painting, singing, dancing and acting as well. She believes in exploring everything possible. She wants to do more and more new things and like to try new things.

         Taking about academics, she is school and city first in International English Olympiad in year 2014-15, school second in green Olympiad in year 2013-14, 83% scorer in National Financial Literacy Assessment Test 2014, certificate holder in the All India Essay writing Event 2013 organized by SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) and United Nations Information Center for India and Bhutan (UNIC) and has also got first position in cluster level Debate competition and got 2nd position in regional level Debate competition on the event of her school social science exhibition.

           She also pays her contribution towards the society. She is a peer facilitator of her school Adolescence Education Program. Not only this, but she is also the part of the environment club. She also owns a BlogSpot for the same, and wishes more and more people to join it and make it active.



more of her Talents will appear in this page soon..... Keep watching

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Hi, Its me! Do you know that we are very lucky to live in this world? And according to me luckiest persons are those who finds ( Derives) happiness in everything / whatever they  get.  Of-course, no doubt We live in this world to enjoy its beauty and to  live happily   and it is a gift given by God to all of Us.  So Learn to use it properly and to the maximum extent . . . Remember its our turn to live a life. . . .


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